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Monday, June 25, 2012

Castle Merchandise Based on the episodes "Last Call" and "To Live and Die in L.A."

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This is one of our most popular graphics that feature a quote from the TV show Castle.  It would make a funny gift for anyone who likes to tell tall tales or who can weave incredible stories like it's second nature.  Rick Castle said this to NYPD Detective Kate Beckett in Season 3  Episode 10, titled "Last Call."
Our text only design says "Don't ruin my story with your logic." in red letters on the light colored items and white text on dark colored products.
It is shown here on a women's pajama set with red-checkered pajama bottoms. 
See the entire "Castle: Don't Ruin My Story" Collection here.

This is a text only design in green and yellow letters.  It reads, "No Talking during CASTLE."  If you like it quiet while you're watching the ABC TV show "Castle" with Rick Castle and Kate Beckett then this design is meant for you.
It is pictured here on a 4.25" x 4.25" tile coaster that can also be used as a decoration. 
The "No Talking during Castle" design is available on women's and men's t-shirts, coffee or tea mugs and much more.

This hilarious design says, "Today's Forecast according to Kate Beckett"  and below that it reads: "Sunny with a chance of Ass-kicking."  This graphic also features an image of a sun and a fist throwing a punch.  If you are a fan of tough but sexy Detective Kate Beckett you're sure to love this design.

Here we show it on a 100% Organic dark Women's t-shirt but the "Castle: Sunny Chance of Ass Kicking" is available on dozens more products.

To view our entire design collection of Castle TV show merchandise and T-shirts visit the Castle section of Thought Provoking Shirts.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Castle Merchandise - From Cuffed and A Hello My Name is Nikki Heat Sticker

All of our designs are available on t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and pajama sets as well as plenty of non-clothing items like mugs, clocks and wall hangings.

This design is based on Season 4 Episode 10 (Cuffed).  Our graphic has the names Beckett and Castle connected with handcuffs and underneath it the quotes:
"We're handcuffed ... kinky"
"Castle, it's not funny."
"I didn't say funny.  I said kinky."

See all available items with this design.

Do you ever wish you could pretend to be Nikki Heat, the lead character of Rick Castle's mystery novels?  Now you can with this awesome design that is a Hello my name is sticker with the name Nikki Heat.  The name has flames that appear to be burning up the words. 

See this design on all available products.

To view our entire design collection of Castle TV show merchandise and T-shirts visit the Castle section of Thought Provoking Shirts.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Big Bang Theory - Rather Be Watching BBT, Fun With Flags, Sheldon's Spot

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Check out our latest Big Bang Theory designs that celebrate the neurotic but lovable Dr. Sheldon Cooper:

This funny t-shirt graphic says:  Sheldon Cooper presents Fun With Flags.  There are burst of yellow color behind the words and two flags near the bottom of the design.  Other featured colors are red and blue.  This was based on Sheldon's educational show "Fun With Flags."  This is also available on stickers, mugs, and other types of apparel. 

Fans of the televison show The Big Bang Theory know that Sheldon Cooper is very picky about "his spot." This funny design pays tribute to that special seat that Sheldon must always have.  Our graphic features a sofa that has the corner cushion roped off with a red ribbon that reads:  Reserved For Sheldon.  This would make a great gift idea for a Sheldon lover.  See t-shirts, throw pillows, pajama sets and more with the "Sheldon's Spot Reserved" couch design.

This design is for fans of The Big Bang Theory that are so addicted to Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Howard and Penny that they wish the program was on all the time.  Our graphic says:  "I'd rather be watching" above a flat screen television that reads:  "The Big Bang Theory."  This image also features an atom behind the title of the TV show.  It is pictured here on a Cardinal colored dark t-shirt but is available in many styles for men and women.  View the rest of the "I'd Rather Be Watching The Big Bang Theory" design products here.

of Thought Provoking Shirts.

To view our entire design collection of The Big Bang Theory TV show merchandise and T-shirts visit the Big Bang Theory section

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Castle - Winner Winner, Relationships Quote, Big Bad Wolf Quote, Rather Be Watching Castle

We've got some fun new Castle designs to share.  If you or someone you know is a fan of Kate Beckett and Rick Castle then take a look at our products.  All of our designs are available on a variety of men's, women's and children's clothing as well as accessories, home decor, drink ware and much more.
Season 3 Episode 20 (Slice of Death) of Castle had Castle and Beckett solving a murder after a body was found in a pizza oven.  This design was inspired by a quote of Rick's during that episode.  Our design features a pepperoni pizza with the words Winner Winner Pizza Dinner circled around it.  This versatile  graphic would make a great gift for any Castle, pizza or gambling fan.  It is pictured on a 100% Organic men's t-shirt in the color "Pacific."  It is available on many other styles of shirts or novelty items. 

This design is a quote from Rick Castle and also a wise bit of advice that should be kept in mind when any kind of relationship experiences trouble.  This text only design says:  "Relationships aren't math problems.  You don't solve them by being practical."  This statement was featured in the Castle episode "Pretty Dead."  (Season 3 Episode 20.)  Here it appears on a framed print that is suitable for wall hanging, but you can also find it on everything from t-shirts to stickers and throw pillows. 

Rick Castle loves nothing better than to imagine that mysterious and supernatural forces are behind the murder cases he investigates with Detective Kate Beckett.  In the episode "Once Upon a Crime" (Season 4, episode 17) he was convinced that the murderer was a character from a fairy tale.  Our funny design is from a quote of Kate Beckett's.  The inside of a talk bubble reads:  'Don't worry Castle, I've got a gun.  I'll protect you from the Big Bad Wolf.'  The colors for this graphic are white, blue, and red.
It is shown on a 4.25 x 4.25 tile coaster but is available on tees, hoodies, iPhone (and other types of cell phone) cases and much more. 

This design was made for all the Castle fans out there who wish they could watch this awesome TV show 24/7.  It features a the words:  "I'd rather be watching" above a flat screen television that has the name "Castle" on it.  The colors consist of blue, red, and gray.  This graphic would make a special gift for the Castle fan in your life. 
It is seen here on a women's cap sleeve t-shirt but is available in men's and children's options as well as non-clothing articles. 

To view our entire design collection of Castle TV show merchandise and T-shirts visit the Castle section of Thought Provoking Shirts.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Revenge and Supernatural TV Show Merchandise

Here are our new designs for Supernatural and Revenge:
If you prefer peace and quiet when you are trying to get your Sam and Dean Winchester fix on than this design is for you.  It says No Talking during Supernatural.  This text only graphic is in grey and green colors.  One of our t-shirts, hoodies or other items would make a unique gift for your favorite fan of the TV show Supernatural.  We also have this design on mugs, wall decor and hats.

This design says Is it time for Revenge yet?  It was inspired by Emily Thorne from the TV series Revenge because as any fan of that television show knows, in the Hamptons, it's always time for revenge.  This graphic also features the double infinity symbol below the text.  The colors used are blue and red.  See it on shirts, pajama sets, throw pillows and more.

This design is also based on the TV show Revenge.  Our graphic features the word 'revenge' and has the double infinity symbol as the "G".  The text is black on light colored products and white on dark colored items.  The double infinity sign is red.  See this on clothing, accessories and other fun merchandise.

For more awesome SUPERNATURAL TV show merchandise and T-shirts visit the Supernatural section of CafePress.


To view our entire design collection of Revenge TV show merchandise and T-shirts visit the Revenge section of Thought Provoking Shirts. For even more Revenge gifts visit the Revenge Fan Page at CafePress.