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Monday, June 25, 2012

Castle Merchandise Based on the episodes "Last Call" and "To Live and Die in L.A."

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This is one of our most popular graphics that feature a quote from the TV show Castle.  It would make a funny gift for anyone who likes to tell tall tales or who can weave incredible stories like it's second nature.  Rick Castle said this to NYPD Detective Kate Beckett in Season 3  Episode 10, titled "Last Call."
Our text only design says "Don't ruin my story with your logic." in red letters on the light colored items and white text on dark colored products.
It is shown here on a women's pajama set with red-checkered pajama bottoms. 
See the entire "Castle: Don't Ruin My Story" Collection here.

This is a text only design in green and yellow letters.  It reads, "No Talking during CASTLE."  If you like it quiet while you're watching the ABC TV show "Castle" with Rick Castle and Kate Beckett then this design is meant for you.
It is pictured here on a 4.25" x 4.25" tile coaster that can also be used as a decoration. 
The "No Talking during Castle" design is available on women's and men's t-shirts, coffee or tea mugs and much more.

This hilarious design says, "Today's Forecast according to Kate Beckett"  and below that it reads: "Sunny with a chance of Ass-kicking."  This graphic also features an image of a sun and a fist throwing a punch.  If you are a fan of tough but sexy Detective Kate Beckett you're sure to love this design.

Here we show it on a 100% Organic dark Women's t-shirt but the "Castle: Sunny Chance of Ass Kicking" is available on dozens more products.

To view our entire design collection of Castle TV show merchandise and T-shirts visit the Castle section of Thought Provoking Shirts.

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