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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fringe Merchandise - Crazy is Complicated and Reiden Lake

Dr. Walter Bishop said it best in 'Subject 9' (Fringe Season 4 episode 4) when he told Agent Olivia Dunham 'Crazy is alot more complicated than people think.' Get this great Walter quote on t-shirts, journals, throw pillows and more.

Don't be afraid to let your crazy out once in awhile!

Reiden Lake is a fictional place in New York that has been the center
point of many strange events, both in the old timeline and in the new timeline.  It served as a vacation spot for Walter and his family when Peter was young.  It also was the place Walter crossed back and forth between the universes from.  In the old timeline an Observer saved Peter and Walter from drowning in it and altered future events.  In the new timeline, they were not saved and Peter drowned.  Finally, it returned Peter Bishop to the new now, so yes, it has quite a history.

This graphic says Reiden Lake in red letters and is available on shirts, hats and many more items.

Also available in blue.

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