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Friday, September 30, 2011

Castle - Red Maroon Logo and Writer - Righter of Wrongs

We have two new graphics available based on the TV show Castle. 

The first one is from the episode Superheroes and Villians (Season 4 Episode 2).  It is the superhero Red Maroon's logo which was a red shield outlined in yellow with the letters RM (also in yellow) inside the shield.  Underneath the logo Red Maroon is written out.

Available on everything from tee shirts to flip flops to wall decor.

The other design has the names Kate Beckett and Rick Castle at the top.  Under Kate's name is a detective badge.  Under Castle's name is a pencil and a spiral notepad that has Heat Rises written on it.  Under the image of the shield it says Righter of wrongs.  Under the notepad it says Writer of wrongs.

See it on t-shirts, hoodies and more.

To view our entire design collection of Castle TV show merchandise and T-shirts visit the Castle section of Thought Provoking Shirts.

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